Forbes Magazine Russia

Our intern, Hannah, has been doing an amazing job the last few weeks working on promo material for Nathan Lindstrom Photography. As we prepare to launch into our new marketing campaign I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share this project we shot for Forbes Magazine Russia last year.

Forbes Russia ran a story on Vasilii Shelkov, the Russian born CEO of Rock Flow Dynamics, a software development company for the petroleum industry. The magazine hired me to make a portrait of the Houston-based CEO.


After visiting with Shelkov over the phone I arranged for us to meet in Galveston, an hour south of Houston. Through my former work as a photojournalist at The Houston Chronicle I knew there were offshore drilling platforms at the shipyard across the channel from the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig Museum. I double-checked with the museum to make sure the pier I wanted to shoot from was public property and off we went.


My assistant and I arrived early to scout out the shot I had picked using Google maps and my knowledge of the area. We finished testing lights right as Mr. Shelkov arrived and we began shooting right as the sun descended for the perfect light. Vasilii, as he quickly asked me to call him, gave us far more time than I hoped to get from a CEO. We had a wonderful shoot and ended up eating at a local restaurant before we all drove back to Houston.


Here’s the spread that ran in Russia and a few outtakes from the shoot:

Nathan Lindstrom Photography welcomes our summer intern!

We at Nathan Lindstrom Photography are very excited to introduce our summer intern for this year, Hannah Park! Hannah is a marketing major from Baylor University  and has been working here for the past few weeks developing our marketing strategy for the following year and learning what it takes to be an editorial and commercial photographer in Texas. Say hi Hannah!

Hannah wanted this internship to earn credit toward her degree and to have a chance at exploring passion for photography. Hannah sites the amazing humanitarian photographer, Esther Havens, as one of her biggest influences and reasons that she wants to become a photographer.


After agreeing to take Hannah on for the summer I turned to Google to find out what to do with an intern. While she isn’t the first intern we’ve had at NLP I thought there might be a good set of tips to help make the best of her time here. I came across this great article from the National Association of Colleges and Employers that gave “15 Best Practices for Internship Programs.”


First on the list is to give an intern real projects. Got that planned. Second was to “hold orientations for all involved.” After planning out how to teach Hannah about what we do and how our company works we got a call to do a cover shoot the first morning she was to start. Oh well, trial by fire. Hannah learned quickly how to be a good assistant during a shoot. The second morning we had a 5 a.m. call time for another magazine cover shoot. Further trial by fire!


Even with a rougher-than-planned start Hannah has proven to be very adaptable, a seriously fast learner and a hard worker – all qualities that will be invaluable as a photographer.


We’re looking forward to all she will accomplish during her time at NLP!

NLP mascot and self-assumed studio manager, Kirby, takes a break from the all important bone chewing to keep Hannah entertained at the office.