Remembering Milo

Houston Astros legendary announcer Milo Hamilton is photographed on September 22, 2012 at Minutemaid Park in Houston, TX. Nathan Lindstrom Photography ©2012 Nathan Lindstrom

Houston Astros legendary announcer Milo Hamilton is photographed on September 22, 2012 at Minutemaid Park in Houston, TX.
Nathan Lindstrom Photography
©2012 Nathan Lindstrom

I am saddened today to hear about the passing of Houston Astros legendary announcer Milo Hamilton. I had the honor to photograph Hamilton during an editorial assignment a few years ago. To me Hamilton represented the great memories of playing baseball as a child, dreaming of going pro and not having care in the world. You will be missed Milo.

Guest Post: Hannah Park

When I came on board NLP as the summer marketing intern, I knew (and was excited) that some days at work would be spent on shoots rather than at a desk. Little did I know my very first two days would be spent “on the field” figuratively and literally.


Day 2. 5:40am. Arrive at the office, pack up the car with equipment, and off we head to what would turn out to be a very entertaining shoot for the Dog Show edition of Pet Talk magazine. With the sun slowly rising behind us, we knew we had to work quickly to get set up before we lost perfect light. Luckily, we had a shoot the day before so I was gaining familiarity with all of the equipment.

After taking outdoor portraits of the owners and their award-winning dogs, we were ready to see their skills! I honestly don’t know how Nathan was able to capture such great images because these dogs move FAST. We shot them on 3 different elements before moving inside to get some portraits in front of an olive green backdrop. Not only did I learn about photographing moving animals and dealing with clients, I also gained a wealth of information about dog training and showing.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the shoot:

Forbes Magazine Russia

Our intern, Hannah, has been doing an amazing job the last few weeks working on promo material for Nathan Lindstrom Photography. As we prepare to launch into our new marketing campaign I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share this project we shot for Forbes Magazine Russia last year.

Forbes Russia ran a story on Vasilii Shelkov, the Russian born CEO of Rock Flow Dynamics, a software development company for the petroleum industry. The magazine hired me to make a portrait of the Houston-based CEO.


After visiting with Shelkov over the phone I arranged for us to meet in Galveston, an hour south of Houston. Through my former work as a photojournalist at The Houston Chronicle I knew there were offshore drilling platforms at the shipyard across the channel from the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig Museum. I double-checked with the museum to make sure the pier I wanted to shoot from was public property and off we went.


My assistant and I arrived early to scout out the shot I had picked using Google maps and my knowledge of the area. We finished testing lights right as Mr. Shelkov arrived and we began shooting right as the sun descended for the perfect light. Vasilii, as he quickly asked me to call him, gave us far more time than I hoped to get from a CEO. We had a wonderful shoot and ended up eating at a local restaurant before we all drove back to Houston.


Here’s the spread that ran in Russia and a few outtakes from the shoot:

Champion Boxers


I recently had the opportunity to photograph Regis Prograis, a local welterweight on his way to the US Olympic trials this year held in Mobile, AL. A few years ago I had the pleasure to photograph Juan “Baby Bull” Diaz for the same editorial client at the same gym here in Houston. Just as the last time, everyone was incredibly nice at the Savannah Boxing Club. As a throwback to my first shoot there, I made the same lighting setup for Prograis. Prograis and his people were easy to get along with and we all had a great time.

Big Oil CEO

In celebration of BP finally slowing down the oil leak into the gulf I thought I’d post this portrait of Rex W. Tillerson, chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil Corporation, that I took a few months back. Tillerson was in town to speak at a luncheon at the Hilton Hotel Americas in downtown Houston. I was able to pull him aside as he left and took these two portraits in 30 seconds. No exaggeration. Working with very little time I decided to use the giant floor to ceiling windows outside of the ballroom where Tillerson spoke as my light source. I also really liked the slanting columns in the background as the angles draw the viewers eye to the subject. When photographing CEOs or celebrities it is very important to be respectful of their time. While I would have preferred to shoot a little longer and work the angles a little better, there just wasn’t time. As it was, the editors (my clients), were very happy with my take for the day.

Houston Area High School Softball

Life has been crazy busy these last few months. Between a major personal project and trips to Cuba, Iowa and Arkansas, I have been running myself thin. Even for these tough times business has been good and life in general is good. Pictures and stories from projects and trips are soon to come.
As it has been far too long since my last post on here I thought I’d show a few images from the regional high school softball games I shot last month for my main local editorial client, The Houston Chronicle. The days were very hot. At least one of these teams of girls had to skip prom to play. High school kids fighting for trips to the state tournaments always make for great moments. I hope you enjoy seeing a bit of what I had the pleasure to witness.

Recent Editorial Work

I had a lot of work from the Houston Chronicle in the first few weeks I was back in town. Here are a couple of my favorite assignments. The first was covering a mentoring program at a local high school in a low income neighborhood. One of the students the writer and I were introduced to aspires to be a car designer. He had 50 or 60 different designs on his iPhone. The program seemed like it was working really well. I’m always impressed with teachers who go the extra mile to pour their lives into their students.

The second image is of a woman who lost her home to Hurricane Ike. Galveston is still recovering from last year’s hurricane and restoring low income housing is under debate. This lady has two daughters in college and a third who is a straight ‘A’ student still in grade school. Oh, and mom is working on her associates degree at Galveston College. She had such an amazing attitude and outlook on life. We chatted and told stories throughout the whole shoot. I decided the shot of her in front of the college with her backpack full of books looked far too much like a college brochure so we ended up a mile away at the empty lot where her apartment complex had been. The evening sun was ducking in and out of the clouds. I made images of her in front of the tree from where she hung Christmas lights outside her old unit. When the sun came back out with its amazing warm light I had her stand in the middle of the street and got down on my stomach to make her look like the hero she is.