Long’s Peak

While spending a week in Denver and Boulder making some great contacts I had a chance to hike Long’s Peak with my childhood friend, Drew. It took us 14 hours to hike the 14 miles round trip to the top and back down to our cars. At the time we swore we’d never do it again but I’m game now. Enjoy the pics!


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Houston Lifestyle Photography

The last two months have been super busy and very exciting. I just moved into a new studio, more on that in my next post. Since meeting in Austin last March, Peter Dennen (of Pedro + Jackie) and I have been working closely on updating my portfolio and my brand. Our immediate push has been to develop my book portfolio to present at 15 different portfolio reviews at the Palm Springs Photo Festival at the end of April. I am very happy to say that things went very well with all of the editors and art buyers who saw my work!

Part of our portfolio update project has been producing a few personal projects to push my work from purely portraiture for editorial and advertising clients into more lifestyle photography work, which we are targeting at growing my advertising photography business.

During my portfolio update, we identified a new visual direction that I wanted to explore. Up to this point, my focus has been primarily portraiture, shot for editorial, commercial and corporate clients. I have begun the process of creating new lifestyle work that is applicable for advertising clients.

The latest shoot took my crew and me out to a farm an hour north of Houston. An interior designer friend, who offices in the same building as my old office, was kind enough to volunteer her three kids and her mother-in-law’s property for us to photograph. In addition we were able to photograph an eighty-year-old real life cowboy and his Australian Shepherd. Everyone had a great time at the shoot – even the cowboy who didn’t think he was worthy of all the “fuss” we put into photographing him. The teenage kids who thought their mom was crazy for putting them up to play models for the day, had a blast shooting on the farm!

I hope you enjoy the selects here and more in my portfolio.”20140412_Country Life_1765 20140412_Country Life_1897 20140412_Country Life_2352 20140412_Country Life_3180 20140412_Country Life_3290_ATA_V2 20140412_Country-Life_2993_ATA_v2

Nathan Lindstrom Photography welcomes our summer intern!

We at Nathan Lindstrom Photography are very excited to introduce our summer intern for this year, Hannah Park! Hannah is a marketing major from Baylor University  and has been working here for the past few weeks developing our marketing strategy for the following year and learning what it takes to be an editorial and commercial photographer in Texas. Say hi Hannah!

Hannah wanted this internship to earn credit toward her degree and to have a chance at exploring passion for photography. Hannah sites the amazing humanitarian photographer, Esther Havens, as one of her biggest influences and reasons that she wants to become a photographer.


After agreeing to take Hannah on for the summer I turned to Google to find out what to do with an intern. While she isn’t the first intern we’ve had at NLP I thought there might be a good set of tips to help make the best of her time here. I came across this great article from the National Association of Colleges and Employers that gave “15 Best Practices for Internship Programs.”


First on the list is to give an intern real projects. Got that planned. Second was to “hold orientations for all involved.” After planning out how to teach Hannah about what we do and how our company works we got a call to do a cover shoot the first morning she was to start. Oh well, trial by fire. Hannah learned quickly how to be a good assistant during a shoot. The second morning we had a 5 a.m. call time for another magazine cover shoot. Further trial by fire!


Even with a rougher-than-planned start Hannah has proven to be very adaptable, a seriously fast learner and a hard worker – all qualities that will be invaluable as a photographer.


We’re looking forward to all she will accomplish during her time at NLP!

NLP mascot and self-assumed studio manager, Kirby, takes a break from the all important bone chewing to keep Hannah entertained at the office.

High School Art

I made the road trip up to Iowa for a family visit and as part of an extended trip where I will be working on a few personal projects for the next month. Here are a few images from the last week. The first is from the drive up from Houston. I found this old pump at a gas station in Texas where I made a pit stop.

The next few are portraits I shot of my high school art teacher, Darvin. He taught my first photography class. I am fairly sure that everyone who has gone through his classes has made some sort of portrait of the poor man. He hates having his picture taken but is always amenable to his students. He was kind enough to humor me when I went back to pack up my show ‘Quiet Beauty’ that hung at the Iowa Mennonite School art gallery this past spring. Darvin was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He taught me what may be the most valuable and possibly hardest lesson I’ve ever learned – how to take criticism well. Thank you Darvin.