Happy New Year!

Things have been busy around here at Nathan Lindstrom Photography. The end of 2013 was jam packed with great projects. We are looking forward to talking about them as soon as the work goes public. We have spent most of January updating our new website, many thanks to Photoshelter for the template and to Wonderful Machine for editing our new content. We have also updated our blog and are working to reload older posts. Please stay tuned for blog updates and recent news. Everyone at Nathan Lindstrom Photography wishes you a very happy 2014!

First Blog Entry

Welcome to the blog for Nathan Lindstrom Photography. This past week we launched the new website. Many thanks to Chris Treadwell who designed the site and to programmer extraordinaire Adam Shaw for making the design happen. Both are incredibly talented and great to work with. Great job guys!

I am very excited to have my new site and blog up and running. I aim to update this blog with current projects once or twice a month. I hope you enjoy your experience here!