Recent Editorial Work

I had a lot of work from the Houston Chronicle in the first few weeks I was back in town. Here are a couple of my favorite assignments. The first was covering a mentoring program at a local high school in a low income neighborhood. One of the students the writer and I were introduced to aspires to be a car designer. He had 50 or 60 different designs on his iPhone. The program seemed like it was working really well. I’m always impressed with teachers who go the extra mile to pour their lives into their students.

The second image is of a woman who lost her home to Hurricane Ike. Galveston is still recovering from last year’s hurricane and restoring low income housing is under debate. This lady has two daughters in college and a third who is a straight ‘A’ student still in grade school. Oh, and mom is working on her associates degree at Galveston College. She had such an amazing attitude and outlook on life. We chatted and told stories throughout the whole shoot. I decided the shot of her in front of the college with her backpack full of books looked far too much like a college brochure so we ended up a mile away at the empty lot where her apartment complex had been. The evening sun was ducking in and out of the clouds. I made images of her in front of the tree from where she hung Christmas lights outside her old unit. When the sun came back out with its amazing warm light I had her stand in the middle of the street and got down on my stomach to make her look like the hero she is.