Houston Area High School Softball

Life has been crazy busy these last few months. Between a major personal project and trips to Cuba, Iowa and Arkansas, I have been running myself thin. Even for these tough times business has been good and life in general is good. Pictures and stories from projects and trips are soon to come.
As it has been far too long since my last post on here I thought I’d show a few images from the regional high school softball games I shot last month for my main local editorial client, The Houston Chronicle. The days were very hot. At least one of these teams of girls had to skip prom to play. High school kids fighting for trips to the state tournaments always make for great moments. I hope you enjoy seeing a bit of what I had the pleasure to witness.

High School Art

I made the road trip up to Iowa for a family visit and as part of an extended trip where I will be working on a few personal projects for the next month. Here are a few images from the last week. The first is from the drive up from Houston. I found this old pump at a gas station in Texas where I made a pit stop.

The next few are portraits I shot of my high school art teacher, Darvin. He taught my first photography class. I am fairly sure that everyone who has gone through his classes has made some sort of portrait of the poor man. He hates having his picture taken but is always amenable to his students. He was kind enough to humor me when I went back to pack up my show ‘Quiet Beauty’ that hung at the Iowa Mennonite School art gallery this past spring. Darvin was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He taught me what may be the most valuable and possibly hardest lesson I’ve ever learned – how to take criticism well. Thank you Darvin.